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Welcome to the Libguide for Experimental Psychology.  Use the tabs at the top to find sources and information to help you research psychology topics.

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Experimental Psychology

Experimental Psychology is a study of the basic principles and concepts of psychological science. This course considers the logic of experimental design, the concept of control, and the analysis of experimentally obtained data. Emphasis on the principal research designed and experimental methodologies having the greatest utility for research problems in psychology.

Prerequisites & Notes
Prerequisites: PSYC 2133, PSYC 3233



Research Paper                                                                                                                                                 

This is what this class is all about.  To help you develop scholarly research skills, you will conduct an original psychological experiment.  This process will be broken into several parts to help keep you on task with this project. 


 Research Poster Presentation                                                                                                                       

Psychologists don’t do research merely to enhance their own personal knowledge – they share their findings with the scientific community via published articles, oral presentations, or poster sessions.  Therefore, in addition to writing your paper, you will also present your findings in a poster session.


 Objective Measure of Accountability (A.K.A. – Exams) 

There will be one (1) written exam that will cover information that is presented in class and specific readings that are assigned for class. 

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