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Online Comp 2: Home

Library instruction for Online Comp 2 Students

Key Resources

Getting Started--Your Assignment

On this page and in the tabs are some of the most useful information resources for your online Comp. II course.  It is important to be able to identify what type of information you will need and to locate it efficiently.  You will use information to learn about your topic and to help to provide evidence for your argument.

Your professor asks that you use high quality sources for your research paper.  You will be writing an annotated bibliography. You can answer these questions in your annotations: 

1. What is the main purpose of this source?

2. What key question is the author addressing?

3. What is the most important information in this source? (be specific)

4. What conclusion does the author come to?  What are the key ideas in the source?

5. What assumptions underlie the author's thinking?

6. Why would this source be valuable to your research paper?


Click on each of the tabs above to get help on finding each type of information resource.

Additional Info

Library for Online and Extension Students

Even though you might not be on the physical Southeastern campus, you still have access to Southeastern’s library resources–books (print and electronic), research databases, journal articles, and librarians–to name a few. Make sure you read the special privileges for online students listed below. You will find links on this page that will provide access to the services and materials you want.

As an online student, you have extra privileges that on-campus students do not have.

Borrowing Policies

You’re allowed to check out books for four weeks instead of the usual two weeks. If you are a distance student, you can request library books to be sent to your home.  Send an email to with your student ID number, the program you are in, and the title, author, etc. of the book that you are requesting.

Information Request

Even if you live out of state, you can still access Southeastern’s resources. You can send requests to  for journal articles or books. Make sure you include as much information as possible, such as author, title, and publication date. After processing your request, the library faxes or emails the information you've requested.

Ask A Librarian!



Steelman Library, 1000 Longfellow Blvd. Lakeland, Florida 33801 · 863.667.5089