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Research - Step by Step: Find Popular Magazines and Newspapers

How to find scholarly resources in the Steelman Library

Why use them?

Use popular magazines when you need:

  • information or opinions about popular culture
  • up-to-date information about current events
  • general articles by people who are not necessarily specialists about the topic

Use newspapers to:

  • find current information about international, national and local events
  • find editorials, commentaries, expert or popular opinions

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CLIP video--Popular and Scholarly sources

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Popular Magazines and Newspapers

If you only want to read popular magazines, limit your search to popular magazines.  If you only want to read newspapers, limit your search to newspapers.  Each databases does limits in a different way.  For example, Proquest allows you to click a tab entitled Magazines. 

Ads in Popular Media


Ads in popular magazines can tell you a lot about the culture.  Try

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