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Research - Step by Step: Evaluating Information

How to find scholarly resources in the Steelman Library

Evaluating Information

*Who wrote it?  *What gives them the right to write about it? *Who published it?  *Why do they want to convince you of their argument?  *Do they talk about their methods and data and research? *Can you find the background resources they used?   *Do they talk about other, seminal research?  *Is it current?  *Does it need to be current? 

Technology Tip

Google is what most people use to search the web.  A random search on your topic can yield a million random web sites.  If you think carefully about who the stakeholders are in your topic, you can use Google to find the web presence of organizations such as companies, government agencies, think tanks, consumer groups--in short, people who have a reason to convince you of their point of view. See our page on Stakeholders

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