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University Google Apps Migration

Google Apps

Google Apps

Top reasons to use Google Apps

  • Integration of calendars and collaborative document editing/creation.
  • Unlimited email and unlimited Google Drive.
  • Universal compatibility/access: Windows, Mac, any mobile device.
  • Better stewardship of limited physical computer resources.

Migration Steps

  • Contact from SEU IT 667-5028 

    • Your department should be scheduled to migrate by IT. Wait for notification from IT.
  • First Sync- This moves thousands of your Exchange emails in to Google 

    It may take one to seven days to transfer your email depending on how much you have saved.
    • Tasks, Notes and Deleted items are not transferred.
    • Use to change your SEU Network password.
    • Test login at Google login with 

      If you can't login to Google then you are not migrated.
  • You must check Google for new emails, external emails, and emails from SEU Google users. 

    • Don't change the Gmail folders/filters until after the second Sync.
  • You much check Exchange for SEU Exchange users.
  • Second Sync- Once you complete the Outlook backup and can login and see your email on Gmail, SEU IT will do the second sync and turn off your Exchange account. Then you will be 100% Google.
    • Google Calendars do not mesh with Exchange Calendars
  • Switching from Outlook to gmail PDF from Learn GoogleApps

Google Drive

Google Drive

  • Install Google Drive on your computer.
  • Copy as many files/documents as you want.
  • Files containing SSN's and financial information should remain on SEU servers.
  • Share and collaborate with any Google user from
  • Access your Google Drive from anywhere!
  • You will never run out of space!

Google Calendar

Gmail Tutorials

Anson Alexander

Anson Alexander makes many excellent Google tutorials and Quick start Guides.


Google Task are in email and calendar or you can use the Tasks Canvas

Steelman Library, 1000 Longfellow Blvd. Lakeland, Florida 33801 · 863.667.5089