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Welcome to the Southeastern biology guide.  Use the tabs at the top to find sources and information to help you research topics in biology.

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Bachelor of Science in Biology or Biology/Pre-Med


When Christians call our God the Creator, we acknowledge the great scope and beauty of His handiwork: He has breathed life into the whole earth, fashioning a variety of species, a multitude of forms–from the minute to the vast. Each living thing is unique. Each is made up of its distinct parts. And each part has a purpose: The vein in an oak leaf. The respiratory system of a seagull. The many members of the human body, from eye to hand to heart. It’s a boundless creation, and God has gifted us with minds capable of investigating every inch of it.

In Southeastern’s biology program, we honor God’s creation by learning all we can about it. Our approach is critical, logical, current, and objective. It is also biblical, because, to us, the best scientific thinkers also have a strong moral, ethical, and faith foundation against which to measure their knowledge.

In the past century, we have witnessed remarkable breakthroughs in scientific technology: cloning, the mapping of the human genome, and the first remote surgery, to name a few. But is our ability to create these technologies sufficient justification to employ them? At Southeastern, we believe that Christians in scientific and medical professions have a responsibility not only to understand emerging technologies, but to investigate the moral and ethical implications of scientific advancements.

Southeastern's biology program begins within our Christ-centered liberal arts (general education) core curriculum, where you develop an understanding and appreciation of God and His creation, human creativity and reason, and our place of responsibility as stewards of the world God has made.

As a biology major, you may opt either for a degree in general biology or in general biology/pre-medicine, depending upon your career goals. Both major emphases offer you in-depth exposure to the biological, chemical, physical, and mathematical sciences. Southeastern's biology program also affords you the opportunity to gain service opportunities through medical mission trips and local ministry opportunities; internships are available, too.

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