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Online Comp 2: Finding Sources (Week 6)

Library instruction for Online Comp 2 Students

Finding Sources for your Annotated Bibliography Assignment and Paper

Your instructor expects you to find high-quality sources for your annotated bibliography and paper. Here is some help on how to find great sources!

Finding scholarly books

The best way to find books is through the Steelman Library WorldCat catalog. The search below is preselected to return only online ebooks owned by Southeastern University. 

Finding scholarly journal articles

The easiest way to see a wide range of articles is to use our Ebsco databases. Be sure to select the databases that are related to your topic and choose "peer-reviewed" and "full-text."

Finding scholarly websites

Internet Public Library is one of the best curated sites for locating authoritative websites. Every link on the IPL website has been approved by a librarian.

Evaluating Sources

Every source you use should be evaluated to make sure it's a reliable and authoritative source. I use the acronym PACRAT to evaluate sources:

P=Purpose: Why was this source written? What does the author want to accomplish?

A=Author: Is the author affiliated with an organization? Is the author educated in the topic? Is the author a recognized expert? Does the author have other publications in this area?

C=Currency: Is the source up-to-date?

R=Relevance: How relevant is this source to your specific topic?

A=Accuracy: How accurate is the source? Does it cite sources?

T=Type: What type of source is this? (Blog? Journal article? Book?) How reliable does this type of source tend to be?

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