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Research - Step by Step: Assignment Calculator

Assignment Calculator

Enter today's date and the due date for your assignment to see your schedule!

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Step One
Understand Your Assignment
  • Read your assignment carefully before you start to ensure you understand the requirements.
  • Note any specific deadlines for submitting your topic, sources, outlines, or drafts.
  • Note the citation style your professor requires.
    • Consider Zotero if you have many citations.
  • Consult with your instructor if you have questions in these areas.
Step Two
Define Your Topic
Step Three
Investigate Your Topic
  • Refine your topic and ask more specific questions to define your thesis statement.
  • Are you on track?
Step Four
Retrieve Information on Your Topic
Step Five
Read and Evaluate Information
  • Keep track of your sources and record the citation information as you go. You will need this information to complete your bibliography, reference or works cited page.
  • Evaluate the gathered information for your research:
    • Have you found enough information on your topic?
    • Does the information support your thesis?
    • Have you answered the questions: What, Why, Where, When, How?
  • Are you on track?
Step Six
Create Your Outline
  • Organize your ideas.
  • Organize your notes.
  • Outline the format of your paper.
  • Seek assistance with the writing process from ACE
Step Seven
Write the First Draft
Step Eight
Conduct Additional Research as Necessary
Step Nine
Revise and Rewrite: Second Draft
  • Complete bibliography, reference, or works cited page.
  • Zotero can do this automatically.
  • View the "Citation Guide".
Step Ten
Proofread Your Paper
  • Look for spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Use the Plagiarism Checker.
  • Read your paper out loud. 
  • Does your paper fulfill the assignment requirements?
  • Final review.
Step Eleven
Final Draft
  • Write the final draft of your paper.
  • Save a copy in your Google Drive.
Step Twelve
Assignment Due Date
  • Submit your paper!
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