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Developmental Biology: Cell Division/Fertilization

Research Cell Division/Fertilization


A.    The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology (8th Edition) by Keith L. Moore and T.V.N Persaud -

Chapter 2

Online Textbooks

A.    Developmental Biology by Gilbert, Scott F. Sunderland (MA): Sinauer Associates, Inc.; c2000

Figure 2.9. Summary of meiosis

Recognition of Egg and Sperm


B.    Molecular Biology of the Cell 4th ed. Alberts, Bruce; Johnson, Alexander; Lewis, Julian; Raff, Martin; Roberts, Keith; Walter, Peter New York and London: Garland Science; c2002 - IV.

Internal Organization of the Cell Chapter 17. The Cell Cycle and Programmed Cell Death

Programmed Cell Death(Apoptosis)

An Overview of the Cell Cycle

Figure 17-1. The cell cycle

Germ Cells and Fertilization; Chapter 20 (Yes, the entire Chapter!)



C.    Molecular Cell Biology by Lodish, Harvey; Berk, Arnold; Zipursky, S. Lawrence; Matsudaira, Paul; Baltimore, David; Darnell, James E. New York: W. H. Freeman & Co.; c1999

Chapter 13. Regulation of the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle


Overview of the Cell Cycle and Its Control

Figure 13-2. Current model for regulation of the eukaryotic cell cycle


D.    The Cell - A Molecular Approach by Cooper, Geoffrey M. Sunderland (MA): Sinauer Associates, Inc.; c2000- IV.

[Another rescourse for cell cycle be familiar with the figures below]

Cell Regulation Chapter 14. The Cell Cycle The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle

Figure 14.1. Phases of the cell cycle

Figure 14.32. Comparison of meiosis and mitosis

Figure 14.37. Meiosis of vertebrate oocytes



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