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Abnormal Psychology: Other Media

Primarily for Social Work Students


For one assignment, you will need to find commercials and advertisements of medication used for behavior disorders.  Here are some hints:

1. Browse through popular magazines at the library.  Full page ads for medication are quite common.  Do NOT cut them out.  Please make a copy or scan it to your email using one of the copiers in the library.

2. YouTube will have TV commercials.  Search for the name of the medication and "commercials" to located them.  Remember, the library is not responsible for what is posted on YouTube.  Watch out for spoofs.  They are probably not what your professor wants.

See a librarian if you need more help.

Other Forms of Media

For this course, you will be asked to find information on behavior disorders from a variety of media: magazines, newspapers, videos, movies, books, etc.  Here are some links to help you with those kinds of media.

Ask A Librarian



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