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ACE - Academic Center For Enrichment: Study Hall

Southeastern University's Learning and Tutoring Center

Fall Study Hall Calendar

Important Events/Deadlines Study Hall Dates Study Hall Hours Reported to Coaches

ACE Opens and Classes Begin (Sept 2)

Study Hall Begins (Sept 7)

Drop/Add Deadline (Sept 8)

Sept 7-11 Sept 13
  Sept 13-18 Sept 20
  Sept 20-25 Sept 27
  Sept 27- Oct 2  Oct 4
Exposure (Oct 5-7) Oct 4-9 Oct 11
  Oct 11-16 Oct 18

Advising for Spring Registration Begins (Oct 19)

Homecoming (Oct 24)

Oct 18-23 Oct 25

Course Withdrawal Deadline (Oct 28)

Oct 25-30 Nov 1

Registration for Spring Begins (Nov 2)

Nov 1-6 Nov 8

Last Day to Apply for Spring Commencement (Nov 15)

Nov 8-13 Nov 15


Nov 15-20 Nov 22

ACE is closed for Thanksgiving (Nov 25-30)

Nov 22-24 Nov 30

Last Week of Study Hall

ACE All Nighter (Dec 5-6)

Nov 30-Dec 4 Dec 6
Final Exams (Dec 6-10)    


Progress Report Schedule
Faculty Grade Update Due Report Sent to Coaches
September 21 September 22-25
October 19 October 20-23
November 16 November 17-20
Dec 2 Dec 3-7
How to check your ACE Study Hall hours


  1. Click on the following link:

  2. Sign in to TutorTrac with your MySEU username and password

  3. Select “Visit History”

  4. If you want to view your entire ACE visit history, select “all.”

  5. You are able to search your visit history by entering information in the search bar and clicking on the magnifying glass.

  6. Visit History may be sorted by clicking on the headings listed across the top of the report.


If you are checking your hours for an Athletic Study Hall that meets at ACE, please note that time totals are displayed in a decimal format. Time expressed as a decimal does not reflect the literal minutes. Click on the link below to convert the decimal (0.00) to time (HH:MM).

Decimal to Time Calculator

If you have any questions about your visit history or total hours, please contact

Locations & Hours


Buena Vida East 2nd Floor

Sunday: 5PM-10PM
Monday: 8AM-10PM
Tuesday: 8AM-10PM
Wednesday: 8AM-10PM
Thursday: 8AM-10PM
Friday 8AM-5PM

The Buena Vida East 2nd Floor Lobby opens on weekdays at 7:30 AM for printing services.



Steelman Library, 1000 Longfellow Blvd. Lakeland, Florida 33801 · 863.667.5089