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Undergrad Ed Forum: ePortfolio


The e-portfolio is a place to collect and store some of your best work from all of your classes and internship here at SEU.  The e-portfolio also serves the COE and FLDOE as a progress monitoring tool to track your growth during your program.  This sheet will detail how to do this and exactly what assignments/files (i.e. termed “artifacts”) you will post in the e-portfolio.

Your e-portfolio will be checked for progress four times during your coursework at SEU. These checkpoints are to confirm correct artifact placement only. The artifacts themselves must be the completed and approved assignments from the courses listed below.

1. In the Field Study 1 course by the professor

2. In the Field Study 2 course by the professor

3. In the Field Study 3 course by the professor

4. For ESE majors, in the Field Study 4 course by the professor

5. At the end of your Student Teaching EDUC 4912/ESED 5712 ESE Student Teaching by the Student Teaching professor

The e-portfolio is solely your responsibility to hold, maintain, and submit as required.

Portfolio Personality Test

Directions for the Portfolio Personality Test:

1. Click here to to the personality website.

2. Click on “Personality Test” under the Bible & Graphics section.

3. Spend a few minutes and take the personality test. 

4. Once the results appear, then click on “Job Personality Test” (below in blue print).

5. Also take this Personality Test.

6. Copy and paste the results of BOTH personality tests into a Word document labeled “Portfolio Personality Test.”  You can copy and paste the Christian emphasis part of your results if you are confident you will be teaching in a Christian school or will use the results for a ministry job.  If not, copy and paste selectively without the Christian emphasis for public school positions.

Be sure you know where you saved the results of your Personality Tests as you will need to access this Word document and put it into your portfolio.

Artifacts Requirement I

I. Introductory Section

  1. Photograph (Just you, looking professional)
  2. Personality Profile (Myers-Briggs or other similar personality profile)
  3. Paper: Why I want to be an educator (Faith Integration EDUC 3713)
  4. Paper: Philosophy of education (updated in Student Teaching EDUC 4912)
  5. Resume (updated in Student Teaching EDUC 4912)
  6. College Transcript (at the conclusion of Student Teaching EDUC 4912)
  7. Letters of recommendation

Artifacts Requirement II

II. FEAPs tasks listed by course

Course in Which Task is Assigned & Assessed

Portfolio Tasks


Course in Which Task is Checked in Portfolio

EDUC 2133

Introduction to Education

Chapter Extension Presentation (PPT)


Field Study 1

Goals Chart


Field Study 1

Language Arts Lesson Observation


Field Study 1

Math Lesson Observation


EDUC 2233

Educational Psychology

Final Exam Lesson Plan


Field Study 2

Support System Interview


EDUC 2131

Content & Instructional Design

Best Practices Presentation

a.1.b; a.1.e

Field Study 2

Team/Class Builder


EDUC 3713

Faith Integration

Educational Philosophy Paper


Field Study 2

Lesson Plan #4


EDUC 3353

Empowering ESOL

Week Long Differentiated Content Unit

a.1.a; a.1.b; a.3.f; 7.5; 8.3

Field Study 2

ESOL Teacher Websites & Lesson Plan

a.3.g; 7.4

Field Study 2

FEAPs Worksheet b.2


Field Study 2

Parent Newsletter

a.2.d; a.4.e; 7.3

EDUC 3133


Case Study

a.4.a; b.1.b

Field Study 3

Lesson Plan based on Standards-Based Assessment


EDUC 5163

Assessment for ESE Learners

Assessment of Higher Order Thinking Lesson Plan


Beginning of Internship

ESE Graduate Practicum

Assessment Case Study

a.4.a; b.1.b

Beginning of Internship

ESED 3113

Survey of ESE

Movie Critique


Field Study 3

Scenario-Based Lesson Plan

a.1.a, a.1.b, a.1.c, a.1.d, a.1.f, a.2.a, a.2.h, a.3.h, a.4.b, a.4.

EDUC 3503

Instructional Technology

PowerPoint Interactive Student Project


Field Study 3

SMART Interactive Technology project


EDUC 3523

Reading in the Content Areas

Video-taped lesson & reflection

8.1; 8.6

Field Study 3

Reading Unit

a.1.d; a.3.b; 8.4

Field Study 3

Cooperating Teacher Lesson Observation

a.2.f; a.3.a; a.3.i; b.1.b; 7.2; 8.1

Field Study 3

University Supervisor Lesson Observation

a.1.c; a.3.f; a.3.h; a.3.j; 7.5; 8.5

Classroom Management

Mock Parent Conference

a.4.e; b.1.c

Student Teaching  (tasks)

First Days Presentation

a.3.i; b.1.e

ESED 4533 Behavior/Classroom Mgt.

Behavior Intervention Plan

a.2.b; a.2.h; a.2.d; a.3.d; a.3.i

ESE Field Study 4

Student Teaching  (tasks)

Content/Subject Area Literacy Project

a.3.b; a.4.b; a.4.f; 8.6

Student Teaching  (tasks)

Professional Growth Chart

b.1.a; b.1.d; b.1.e

Student Teaching  (final)

Form I (Cooperating Teacher's Summation)


Student Teaching  (tasks)

Form J (University Supervisor's Summation)


Artifacts Requirement III

III. Service to the Community/Awards (your choice of quantity)

  • Letters of commendation
  • Certificate(s) of training
  • Professional organization membership(s)
  • Participation in SEU campus activities (focus on leadership positions)
  • Photographs (of you teaching, your classroom, your lesson artifacts, bulletin boards, etc.)
  • Other (anything that showcases your excellence as a teacher and servant leader)

Artifacts Requirement IV

IV. Reading Endorsement tasks listed by course

Introduction to Reading

  • Lesson plan
  • Reading notebook

Diagnosis, Assessment, and Evaluation of Reading

  • 10 Lesson plans (use a folder)
  • 10 reflections (use a folder)
  • Case study

Teaching Reading in the Content Areas

  • Text Set
  • One week reading unit

Methods of Teaching Language Arts

  • Thematic unit
  • Guided reading lesson

Student Teaching

  • Reading unit

Artifacts Requirement V

V. Autism Endorsement (ESE Only)

Survey of the Exceptional Learner

  • Differentiated Lesson plan

Language Development and Communication Disorders

  • Student Presentation and Research on Language Development Period
  • Student Presentation and Research on Language Disorders
  • Language-Based Lesson Plan

Assessment of ESE Learners

  • Review of Test Protocols
  • Curriculum-Based Assessment Project
  • Assessment of Higher Order Thinking Lesson Plan

Instructional Strategies for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Differentiated Lesson Plan for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Journal Article Review
  • Student Presentation on Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Instructional Strategies for Students with Intellectual Disabilities

  • Case Studies Assignment
  • Student Presentation
  • Differentiated Lesson Plan for Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Transitional Programming for Adolescents and Young Adults

  • Field Experience Portfolio
  • Transition-Planning Curriculum Design, Implementation and Presentation Project

Emotional Disabilities & Behavior Disorders

  • Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) and Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP)
  • Journal Articles Review

ESE Field Study 1

  • Field Journal Entries

ESE Field Study 4

  • Field Journal Entries

Artifacts Requirement VI

VI. Gifted Endorsement (ESE Only)

Educational Psychology

  • ESE Support System Interview

Survey of ESE


ESE Practicum

  • Case Study & Educational Plan for Gifted
  • Summary of Results of Test Administration

Assessment of ESE

  • Review of Test Protocols

Learning Disabilities / ADHD

  • Mini-Centers for Gifted LD

Intellectual Disabilities

  • Lesson Plan Differentiated for Gifted Populations

Gifted Education

  • Discussion Paper on Identifying Gifted
  • Strategies, Comparison, Maker Paper
  • Differentiated Curriculum Scenario Worksheet
  • Diversity in Gifted Education Paper
  • Young Child Paper
  • Creative Traits in the Classroom Worksheet
  • Scavenger Hunt Reflection Paper
  • Pertinent Information to Expedite Service
  • Unit Plan


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