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Undergrad Ed Forum: Certification/FTCE

State Approved Certification

8 Steps to State Certification

  1.  Declare your education major. (Must be done via the official Registrar form)
  2.  Meet with your education advisor to make sure you have the right 4-year plan, and follow it!
  3.  In your sophomore year (during Field Study 1), obtain and complete your application to be officially accepted into the College of Education (COE).  This means you must pass the GKT during Field Study 1 and cannot be accepted until it is passed.  Note: if you are denied acceptance at this step you will be unable to continue as an education major.  All Field Studies require that specific FCTE state exams be passed, and you must pass Field Study 1 before you can take Field Study 2, 2 before 3, and 3 before you intern!  Plan ahead, these state exams do cost $$$.
  4.  In your last semester of classes, apply to Intern (i.e. student teach) first thing that semester.  You must meet with your advisor to verify that all course work is completed, no “D’s” or “F’s,” must have a “B” or better in speech, overall GPA must be higher than 2.5, and all required FTCE state exams must be passed!
  5.  A word to the wise, before you intern, make sure your AP sign-off sheet is up-to-date!
  6.  While you intern, revise and complete your e-portfolio – due BEFORE you graduate!
  7.  While you intern, complete your AP sign-off sheet – due BEFORE you graduate!
  8.  After you graduate, complete FLDOE application and send them an official transcript and you will receive a standard teaching certificate!  Yea!!

NOTE: It is YOUR responsibility to fulfill all of the requirements in each of these steps.  Your advisor is there to advise and encourage you along the way, but there are NO exceptions to these requirements!  You will not be allowed to intern without everything completed in steps 1-4, and you cannot graduate without everything completed in steps 5-7.  And finally, YOU must do step 8 if you actually want your teaching certificate from the FLDOE!

State DOE Websites

Certification in Other States

If you plan on teaching in a state other than Florida, you will want to contact their state department of education to find out how you submit your Florida certificate and documentation in order to receive their state’s certificate.  Requirements, certification levels, and applications are specific to each state so you need to research your state specifically to learn what is required.  To assist you, listed below are the websites of each state’s DOE.

Steelman Library, 1000 Longfellow Blvd. Lakeland, Florida 33801 · 863.667.5089