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Welcome to the Southeastern math guide.  Use the tabs at the top to find sources and information to help you research math topics.

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Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics


A2 + B2 = C2. Anyone who's taken high school geometry may recognize the Pythagorean Theorem. At Southeastern, students go beyond memorizing proofs and graphing equations. Just as the ancient Pythagoreans pursued mathematics to prove there was order in the universe—divine order—we believe in using our analytical minds for a purpose.

Our mathematics major goes beyond foundational algebra and geometry and prepares students to apply their skills in cutting-edge fields. Public health agencies rely on predictive modeling to plan for worst-case scenarios. In the event of a disease outbreak, mathematicians must predict how far and how fast a disease would spread, and how many people would need to be vaccinated. Other mathematicians excel in cryptology, working with defense contractors to secure vital computer networks. No matter what the task, our math majors are professionally and spiritually equipped for the challenge.

Southeastern's mathematics program begins with our Christ-centered liberal arts (general education) core curriculum, where you develop an understanding and appreciation of God and His creation, human creativity and reason, and our place of responsibility as stewards in the world God has made. As you forge links between what you've learned in the core and the more specialized courses in your major, our hope is that you also begin to relate all that you study to your life and your faith.

The pure mathematics major is designed for students who enjoy both analyzing applications and thinking abstractly about numbers. As the university has grown, the department has expanded to accommodate both math majors and students from other programs who are ready to be challenged at higher levels. In addition to studying about great mathematicians, like Pythagoras, in History of Mathematics, you'll become familiar with the latest computer programming languages and learn number theory, mathematical modeling and symbolic logic in our higher-level department courses.

Not every mathematician is cut out to teach high school algebra. That's OK. Teaching is a God-given gift. Southeastern's pure math graduates use their major as a springboard to a variety of careers.

Our list of alumni includes bankers, restaurant managers and Bible translators. Some Southeastern math majors have later felt called to pursue teaching opportunities and have had no trouble getting certified to teach. Other fields that interest our math majors include:

  • business
  • government
  • industry
  • missions
  • computer science

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